Rainbow Atheists
Rainbow Atheists

Rainbow Atheists

We are socially based in Melbourne, but we welcome people from across Australia and beyond.

You can find our event schedule in our Meetup group.

We are a social group for LGBTQIA+ atheists. Let's meet up and chat, socialise, and maybe organise some activities that express our desire to do good without god. In a nation where public discourse on LGBTQIA+ human rights is too often framed within religious privilege, it is time for us to come out as godless, rational, ethical, and diverse.

Anyone is welcome to join who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or gender fluid, queer or questioning, Intersex, asexual, or allied, and who shares our disbelief in God or gods.

An introduction to Rainbow Atheism was published in the second issue of 'Bent Street' magazine

A more detailed exploration of gay and atheist liberation can be found in the third issue of 'Bent Street' magazine

You are also invited to join, and contribute to, our Facebook group.


Register now: Peter Tatchell: Beyond Equality 7pm April 28.

Rainbow Atheists is a community supported by Humanists Australia.

Contact us to find out how to build your own community with support from Humanists Australia.

Humanism and LGBT Rights
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